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FZ Women's Peep Toe Shoes

FZ Women's Peep Toe Shoes

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Stay fashionable in any setting with FZ Women's Peep Toe Braided Wedge Shoes. Delivering a classic look with modern sophistication, these stylish shoes offer a peep toe design and braided texture with a stylish wedge heel. Perfect for taking your ensemble to the next level with contemporary style.

Product Measurements

5.5 - Foot Length:8.9(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:9.1(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

6 - Foot Length:9.1(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:9.3(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

7 - Foot Length:9.3(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:9.4(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

8 - Foot Length:9.4(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:9.6(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

8.5 - Foot Length:9.6(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:9.8(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

9.5 - Foot Length:9.8(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:10.0(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)

10 - Foot Length:10.0(Inch); Shoe Inter Length:10.2(Inch); Heel Height:5.7(Inch)
Pattern Type:Contrast Paneled
Heel Height:High Heel
Package Include:1*Wedge Sandals
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